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I am working in private organisation . For others, salary is considered but the catch is that if either income from salaries or income from other sources( not taking account of agricultural income ) exceeds 8 lpa then he/she is not eligible for OBC certificate. H/M. Please do reply, muuje ye btao ki mere pass caste certificate hai central or up ka orr up wale mei hindi mei likha hai 8 lakh se km salary h inki toh kya muje obc ncl ka certificate alag bnwana pdega ya jo certificate mei likha hai ki hmare cast obc ncl mei aati hai. Dear Sir, I want to obtain OBC certifi cate of my minor daughter whose birth certificate,aadhar card and schooling of U.P. Mo. 1 and 2 nd grade teachers.Both have above 8 lakh salary.I fall into obc.cat.May I come in obc(NCL) or creamy layer. If I am recruited directly in Government service as Group C before 40 years and get promoted to Group B before 40 years, am I eligible for OBC Status. 40. Even the N.C.B.C. For the jobs under the Central Government, if the parents of an applicant entered the service as Class I officer before the age 40 (direct recruitment), the applicant is considered as a creamy layer. so could you please guide me if that is enough to claim the benefit under reservation or do i have to get another obc or income certificate to be issued? Can I come under OBC NCL. Vilakkithala Nair including Vilakkathalavan, Ambattan Pranopakari, Pandithar and Nusuvan Is agriculture income included as income for OBC NCL certificate purpose? Am I eligible for OBC Noncreamy layer certificate? 3 B. 20. As has been clarified by “clearias”, you should approach the Distt. My father worked in PSU. Thank you, सर, मैं राजस्थान सरकार मैं third grade teacher (bstc से,) हूँ, मेरी gross income लगभग 5 लाख है। मेरे पिता जी state govt. Dear Sir , As per the given criteria I belong to obc non creamy layer. My father joined bank of India as a clerk on 13-10-1978(dob-13-04-1956).he was promoted to officer on 02-02-1987 and he again got promotion on 31-03-1995 and last promotion was on 01-04-2007 as scale-3 officer.he retired on 30-04-2016. What if an obc candidate father doesnot earn more than 8lakhs but own land and plots of more than 50lakhs. After getting the certificate, if one gets a job or earns more than 8 Lakhs, how this will be treated for NCL eligibility. 36. if only one of the parents is a Group B/Class II Officer and all the Officers below the Category II Officers are entitled to avail the rule of reservation unless their other income other than the salaries and agricultural land exceeds the income criteria limit prescribed. A trusted mentor and pioneer in online training, Alex's guidance, strategies, study-materials, and mock-exams have helped thousands of aspirants to become IAS, IPS, and IFS officers. 3. And my cast banjara (bhat) aur sir ji mene lg bhg 15 saal ki umr me padhi shuru ki aur 10 saal me graduation complete kiya hai. Benefits of being included in the OBC list: To uplift Other Backward Classes (OBC), both the Central Government and State Governments are running a lot of programs and schemes. Will pension be considered as a income or salary. sir 1. My father working as Group C technician in southern Railway and my mother is working as Teacher with Group B grade(she got promoted to Group B post before 40 years). I am preparing for IAS. If parents is working in psu and their annual income is more than 8 lacs, but they are not in executive post(below the executive post) therefore their children come on obc ncl or not? I am belong to Chetty caste. Hi Sandeep, please elaborate on what you wish to know more about. pl. Also, if both the parents of the candidates entered into service as class II officers, before the age 40 (direct recruitment), and entered into the service before the age of 40, the applicant is considered as a creamy layer. I wanted to know that my fathers income which he earns by his goverment service is approx. ———————————————- Is am I eligible to get non creamy layer certificate for my children. If the candidate’s community is mentioned in the above list, then the next step is to check whether he/she belongs to the creamy layer or to the non-creamy layer. My father is working in a private firm. I am working in Kerala State Electricity Board Ltd., as Engineer and wife is a Doctor working in a private hospital at Kollam, Kerala. They have asked for obc certificate and income salary proof. Valaiyan I am working professional and receive the income around 6 L but my parents income are not exceed 3 L per annum. SIR MAIN EK HIGH SCHOOL TEACHER HON.MERI CATEGORY OBC HAI. Your and your spouse’s status/income has nothing to do with issue of this certificate. 5. Then what should I do sir, “It is very urgent. Kavudiyaru OBC – NCL. local authority is denying to issue my daughter certificate . I got BCB MARATHA caste certificate from state government and also a Non creamy layer certificate Issued by Tehsildar. I also presume that he is not earning more than Rs.8.00 Lakh per year from other sources (excluding pension and agricultural income) for the last consecutive three years. But due to our inter-caste marriage her family broke all ties with her. Can I get non creamy layer of OBC . Alex is the founder of ClearIAS and one of the expert Civil Service Exam Trainers in India. Karnataka Obc Caste List - Free download as PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. Mil skte h please with more strict criteria than OBC, EWS candidates do not have any age relaxation, what’s bigger example of “discrimination on the basis of caste” which ironically Indian Constitution prohibits. Kurumba Pass 2009-2010 In today’s article, we will discuss briefly the differences between both the OBC non-creamy layer as well as OBC creamy layer. Vakkaliga Hope this article explains about all eligibility requirements. I belong to OBC as per state notification. Ezhavas including Ezhavas, Thiyyas, Ishuvan, Izhuvan, Illuvan and Billava 2. Indian Passport Fee Structure - Fresh (New) and Renewal (Re-issue), Internet / Online Safety Tips For Users of Computer and Mobile Phones, Methods of Preparing Boric Acid, Properties and Applications, Online Application Procedure For Indian Passport, Passport - Definition, Brief History, Classes / Types and Uses, Protection from Unwanted Telephone Calls / Commercial Calls, Quantity of Rationing Articles Issued Through Ration Shops, Types of Non Banking Financial Companies (NBFC), Youth Club Formation and Registration in India, Credit Score and Importance of Maintaining a High CIBIL Score, Financial Rights, Restrictions, and Prohibitions Of A Person Of Indian Origin (PIO), Financial Rights, Restrictions, and Prohibitions Of An Overseas Citizen of India (OCI), Financial Rights, Restrictions, and Prohibitions Of Non-Resident Indian (NRI), List Of Madhya Pradesh Other Backward Classes (OBC), OCI Registration - Detailed Instructions For Filling Online Application Form, Requirements for Converting Valid PIO Card to OCI Card, Converts from Scheduled Castes to Christianity. but my annual income was cross Rs.8 Lakh at only last year. Kalavanthula ( I mean ,income limit is amended from what limit to what limit in Lakhs and corresponding years.) Thereafter, it was raised to Rs 2.5 lakhs p.a (2004). Hello Sir, My friend’s father has joined as a Group-C employee and promoted to Group-B before the age of 40. Can u plz tell me what should I do. I am a UPSC aspirant looking for relaxation under OBC- NCL. I am working as a manager in private limited company Before retirement his salary was around 94000 per month and now he is getting pension around 44850 per month. 75. i have a caste certificate which says i belong to BC-e category H/M. I’ve got Central OBC Certificate issued by Uttar Pradesh government. How to Change or Update Mobile / Phone Number In LPG Consumer Profile? Do I come under creamy or non creamy OBC? I belong to Kurmi caste (OBC) of Uttar Pradesh. Total population of Karnataka as per 2011 census is 61,095,297 of which male and female are 30,966,657 and 30,128,640 respectively. Let us know in comments if you face any issues regarding the OBC non-creamy layer certificate. Kindly reply me sir..thank you.. Am I eligible for OBC non creamy layer? Is husband’s income apply for deciding creamy layer and non creamy layer of OBC if he earns more than 8 lakh. I am a private employee having more than 8 lakhs as salary , no other source of income , my children are eligible for OBC NCL, Sir my both parents working in govt with group c post and my family income cross 8 lakh and Tahasildar told I am come in creamy layer category and you are told income from salary not consider. center listt of State Telangana obc non creamy layer I have caste certificate provided by Andhra Pradesh My name is vigneswaran. i want to knw that while considering income for obc ncl income of my parents only will consider or income of mine also consider as I am just selected in psu as class one officer , and my fater is retired from police department. My question is whether Mr. A is considered as non creamy OBC or not. Non-Creamy Layer candidates from OBC are entitled to reservations in jobs as well as educational institutions. Karnataka Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa on Friday deferred at a last minute a proposal to recommend inclusion of the Veerashaiva-Lingayat community under OBC list following lack of … primary school (age 54, no promotions taken) which comes under M.P. Group-C Scheduled Castes converts to Christianity and their progeny, Group-E Socially and Educationally Backward Classes of Muslims. 2. Senaithalaivar, Elavania, Senaikudayam In kerala state iam non creamy layer because mybentry into service is in age of 37 years.But the thahsildar is saying that iam not eligible for centr purpose.In kerala we have upper age limit guidelines as 36 yrs for state govt employees.Can a NCL certificate having different validity for centr and state, My father’s income is more than 8 lac..so how can I get the ncl obc certificate? Vaduvan(Vadugan) So do I belong to OBC-CL or OBC-NCL. Regards, 2015-2016 You should note that reservations are offered only to candidates belonging to the OBC non-creamy layer. II.Service Category of OM – have recognised this . Pass 2011-2012 At the time when he joined bank was a clerk. (central/state) employee(s), their salary/agricultural income is not considered for determining your creamy layer status. As it is no where mentioned that whether salary needs to be counted in income or not. OBC. The list has been separately classified into 5 Groups:Â. My father used to work in a private company in June 2020 he left the job. I am a government job aspirant. There is relaxation with respect to cut-off marks (. If he is in service (Govt./PSUs/Private sector), then his salary income will be ignored for determining your Creamy Layer status and income from other sources will only be taken into account. Is there any new amendments for persons in urban areas of KURUBA community for OBC. Also in my aadhar card have address of U.P..My Bihar home is in close condition since many years. His income is above 800000 and we possess agriculture land also . The certificate issued to you by the authorities of your State may be valid for posts in the State Govt. My Mother is a home-maker. Will the same OBC Certificate will be valid for me for applying job in OBC category. Kindly get me informed whether my daughter still have NCL certificate? the year in which i apply for OBC NCL certificate is only considered or last 3 years if so Higher or lower of last 3 years? Please reply with proper justification. (LSG), Kerala - Building Property Tax / Fee, Aadhaar Card Number and Status Through Phone SMS, Approved Address Proof Documents for Passport Application in India, Google Adsense Monitize Hindi Content: Make Money From Hindi Website, Google Local Guides: 10 Levels To Reach, More Points, Rewards, and New Badges. My parents were born and studied in rural area. Moreover our income is below 8 Lakhs P.A. Kallan including Isanattu Kallar Boya Karnataka’s total population is around 6 crore. Will my gratuity amount be included for income calculation? 6. We dont hve any other source of income. in the case of unmarried girls , village officer said that Along with their parents brother’s (unmarried) income counted . If anyone reply it will be so helpful. If he wish to apply for another job of higher post. Hello Sir, Kannadiyans 6. the following OBC ( NC)criteria may be examined. And, in case your parent(s) is(are) govt. My father acquired the Colonel rank at the age of 55 and we come under an OBC caste. 19. Is my son eligible for OBC NCL. by Harsha Bhat - Dec 8, 2020 01:10 PM. clerical level. How am I supposed to provide proofs pertaining to the income of my parents? What I mean to say is that they will issue the NCL Certificate after the Call Letter of Document Verification is issued but in notification it is mentioned that the NCL Certificate must be obtained before the closing date of application. Group-A Aboriginal Tribes, Vimuktha Jathis, Nomadic and Semi Nomadic Tribes etc. Kindly help. And the salary is 8.17 lakh per anum. इसमें सिर्फ मेरे पिताजी की आय ही जुड़ेंगी या मेरी और पत्नी की भी जुड़ेंगी।. Veluthedathu Nair including Vannathan, Veluthedan and Rajaka I have heard some officials are asking about the same as part of interrogation. Thank you for that sir. Sir, Its a great article on the OBC-NCL. for consecutive 3 years. Sir, revenue authorities are not giving non creamy layer certificate saying that your father’s annual income is more than 8 lakhs( private job). Whether I belong to creamy layer or Non Creamy Layer? I tried reasoning with them but they outright rejected my claim and said that i belong to the creamy layer. (My openion is Eligible) or CATEGORY-I Sl. Kuruba Sir,my parents are u.p. Kindly help me in this regard. I have once applied in General category. bank interest,house-rent received, income from trading in shares etc. My mother and father is not alive. Hi Piyush sir, you have perfectly understood the problem. 32. Aur ghar me 6 member hai uska falan posan mujhe karna padta hai isliye mene school aur collage me zhadu pochha kr ke padhai ki hai .padhai ka aaj bhi mujhe bahut lgn hai parantu ghar ka tension bahut hota hai. Jhetty Is Brother salary income count in above limit? Ganjam Reddies I am a banker, joined PSU bank in junior management grade at the age of 23 in 1985. Sir While applying the “Income/Wealth Test” to determine creamy layer status of any candidate, income from the salaries and income from the agricultural land shall not be taken into account. but my atate, Sir Im from Telangana. 58. Very nice and informative article. i am an SUB divisional engineer aged 44.entered in BSNL not in DOT at the age of 27 years as Group B officer.My wife is in private and salary less than 3 lakhs per annum.Mine is 12 lakhs per annum .We both dont have any other income.Whether my daughter is eligible for OBC-NC certificate. So can i avail benefits of OBC non creamy layer? As per the NCBC link you gave, salary income is taken into account where parents are holding posts for which equivalence has not been established with govt posts. Sir ji me padhai ke liye aaj bhi ghar ko tyag sakta hu prntu mere ghar wale ko bhiksa mangni pd sakati hai isliye me mon hokar bta hu. Should he eligible to get OBC NCL certificate? My father and brother are in police services (class-3).. I belongs to general category. If my above presumptions hold good, then I think, you are entitled for Non-creamylayer OBC certificate. Thanks and regards State/UT-wise Number of Entries in the Central List of OBCs as on March, 2018 Print Back Description State/UT-wise Number of Entries in the Central List of OBCs (as on 12.04.2018) my OBC certificate validity period is 11/05/2019 to 31/03/2020. But some Paras should also be there regarding the retired parents father from government services. Gowda Thank you. i am woking in a PSU and My gross salary at present was above 8 Lakh and my father is a farmer. Income more than 8L p.a. Sir.namaskar. 1)What will happen if I come under OBC category (Non-creamy layer ) but I don’t have OBC certificate, Can I still able to fill the UPSC form? My father is a LIC agent (commission basis) and he earns nearly 550000 per year. Can i get OBC Non-Creamy layer without any doubt? You are saying you are self employed…many self empoyed people (for eg. Because of the caste system, the Government of India has divided the Other background class into two different categories like one is OBC non-creamy layer and the other one is OBC creamy layer category.. If your OBC NCL certificate was obtained before 1 year, it is always better to get a new OBC NCL before applying for exams. If you meet the above mentioned criteria, you should definitely get your Non-Creamy Layer OBC certificate. (crossed 8 lac) can I avail OBC NCL. Many blessings to you from us!!! Thereby he earn salary of around more than 8 lakhs per annum. But my parents annual income is less than 8 lakhs. In which group / class sub inspector come ? ClearIAS pls clarify. Whether applying for a job through Kerala PSC or admission to higher studies like Plus One / Graduation or PG etc., some seats are reserved for selection relaxation. Mera ye certificate applicable hoga keya ??? 9 obc 10 others/sikh 11 potters 12 sc/bc 13 sc/sikh 14 sikhrar (other) 7. My doubt is if they will consider only 1 year out of last 3 years or all last 3 years ? 2. For a business man income means only the return file to income tax or the property also. Thank you. in www.mca.gov.in, Functions of Non Banking Financial Company (NBFC), KSEB Online Payment Method and Procedure For Kerala Electricity Bill, Kerala MLA Salary, Benefits, Allowances, Perks and Pension, List of Kerala OBC (Other Backward Classes), Lok Sabha (Parliament) - Interesting Facts, NFSA Ration Card Categories - Antyodaya (AAY), Priority (PHH), Non-Priority (NPHH), State Priority, Online Application Procedure for Ration Card, Procedure To Download E-Aadhaar Letter Online From UIDAI Website, Salaried Employees Should Know 6 Important Things Before Applying Bank Loan, Sanchaya Online Payment Procedure for Local Self Govt. My son studying in 12th standard. 10. It is an eye opener indeed. I know three types language Let me know if I need to provide any further details. But i still have a query, will the board mention my hallticket number in prelims cleared list if my marks are equal to obc cut off. Unfortunately, many officers are not aware of the detailed provisions. dear sir Kya bakawas hai agar 8lac salary say hai to kyu nahi count karti. List Of Socially And Educationally Backward Classes (SEBC) in Karnataka 1. Am I eligible for OBC (NCL) ? PSB and my father has not income above 8 lacks. Names of Scheduled Castes (SC) and Scheduled Tribes (ST) in Madhya Pradesh is listed below considering for Madhya Pradesh PSC job selection or admission preference for higher studies like Secondary, Higher Secondary, Graduation or PG etc. This write-up is very very important and may clear every terms regarding OBC reservation eligibility in fact I have read so many write up on clarification but this is the the most clear all of them about the OBC eligibility . As income limit is changing from time to time, from Rs. My present annual gross income is more than 8 Lakhs. Kindly help me! Please reply me . My son in law was an All India Service Officer (IFS) who expired while in service on 08-09-2018, leaving behind wife and only daughter. Sir, my district administration in Marhy Pradesh has refused me OBC NCL certificate. having annual income above 8 lakhs. Please do help me in this regard sir. Am I eligible to acquire a NCL certificate? Is husband’s or unmarried siblings’s income considered ??? However, many candidates (and even some bureaucrats) are ignorant about the provisions of OBC reservation. My community is obc Jat. Those who comes under Scheduled Caste (SC) and Scheduled Tribes (ST) list can claim seats reserved under reservation categories. Am I eligible to apply for OBC NCL? Her Family members are not in her touch. Will this salary comes under upsc defined salary income for OBC candidate? Regarding OBC non creamy.. At present, Karnataka provides 32% reservation for OBCs, 15% for SCs and 3% for STs, totalling to 50% as capped by the Supreme Court. 52. 29. Am I eligible to get non-creamy layer certificate from Revenue Depart for seeking appointment in State Govt posts ? 1946 se lakar aaj 2020 tk mere pariwar me koi padha likha nahi hai aur jamin jaydad bhi nahi sirf majduri pr nirbhar hai sirf rhne ke liye 25×40 ka plot hai aur uspr zhugi bni Hui hai fhirbhi hm amir ki list me aate hai. If a candidate income more than 8lack he is eligible for non creamy layer obc certificate. They removed her name from Ration Card also.For getting OBC Non Creamy Layer Certificate my wife needs to produce 3 years statement/ certifiacte of Family income. English “Despite being in OBC, we are denied reservation because of insistence of the Samiti on Central OBC list,” said Ms. Shetty's uncle and agriculturist Roshan Shetty from Asudu village of … One of my parent is a group B state Gov. In this case will I get the Non creamy certificate and the benefits for reservations. 9. Bestha For Computing annual income for OBC certificate which of the following duration should be considered. Why is it asked in DAF? one lakh to 2.5 lakhs, Rs. Will his son fall in creamy layer or non creamy layer. whether i belong to NCL status ? Because some sources are saying now u have to apply digitally. kindly help me in knowing my cremy layer status, Your email address will not be published. Since last consecutive 3 years my gross total income is more than 15 lakhs. Whether i belong to OBC creamy layer or OBC non creamy layer Therefore, it is advisable to obtain fresh certificate just before applying for a competitive exam. Korachas The commission recommendations were as such approved by the Central Government. In a given year if one is in business, then how his/her income will be taken into account or how he/she can produce income certificate for NCL certificate as they will file only after the financial year completion? Can you please give me contact of someone known to you whose parents are in private sector with income more than 8 lakh…and still able to get NCL certificate. But both father and mother are in group ‘ C ‘ post. As far as Group B/Class II Officers are concerned, if one of the parents of the children while working as Group B/Class II Officer gets into Group A/Class I Officer at the age of 40 or earlier, then also the children are not entitled to the benefit of reservation. Sir i am belonging obc category-B,then i am belongs to creamy layer or not? My name is Dr.N.Mohammed Arshad. 6. Can you please provide me the Goverments’s Notification on Government employee’s non creamy layer basis.. “Salary and agricultural income are not to be considered as income for calculating annual income for creamy layer status. salary is around 9 lakh per year but there is no any other source of income. UPSC: Latest News, IAS, IPS, UPSC Online Preparation, Last updated on October 26, 2020 by Alex Andrews George. Kavuthiyan So after combining income from both of these source (pension +salary), my family income is more than Rs 800000 per anumm. 42. is to be counted. 70. The procedure for obtaining the Non-Creamy Layer Certificate may differ from State to State. 44. 53. Hello Sir, Email. 2019 MAIN SEVEN PAY COMMISSION LAGU HONEY SE MERI PAYMENT MARCH 2020 MAIN 8 LAKH SE ZAYADA HOGAI. If ‘Yes’ Then How? 62. His annual income is more than 8LPA. Am I eligible to get obc non creamy layer certificate?? My. The constitutional bench of the apex court upheld the decision to reserve 27% reservation for OBC’s in Central Government service. Please reply. No. 5. Dear Sir, ** I belong to himachal pradesh..my caste is eligible for obc certificate.. Hi, I assume that your mother is home-maker. His 2nd promotion to ‘Reader’ post happened in 2012 at the age of 55, which is a Class-1 service under the Odisha Govt. As per details from Census 2011, Karnataka has population of 6.11 Crores, an increase from figure of 5.29 Crore in 2001 census. I am class II Officer in state PSU. Vada Balija I have also shown them DOPT order regarding this. Collector of your district with the material/clarifications provided here in this article. My Grand Daughter is B.Tech final and wishes to apply for Civil services. Can you please give me your contact (like email id) so that i can reach you…, My email id- [email protected] 2018-2019, KI AVERAGE INCOME 8 LAKH SE KAM THI JIS SE MERI OBC (NON CREAMY LAYER) CERTIFICATE BAN GAI JO 2022 TAK VALID HAI. Please let me know all about it ND please help me out. Please reply as soon as possible . Sir Based on the state list of karnatka OBC the state OBC and the Central government notified caste list central OBC is given. Best of luck. I belong to BC-A caste and my father is state government employee Non gazetted officer and does not belong to group A or B officers but with annual income 8.5 lakhs…we don’t have any property or lands ** Parkavakulam (Surithiman, Malayaman, Nathaman, Moopanar and Nainar) I request you please clarify whether my son comes under OBC (Non Creamy Layer). Hello, I’m a married woman and there is confusion regarding consideration of income status, whether parent’s or husband’s. Both my parents are not working and I belong to Tamil Nadu. 56. Mukhari Melakudi (Kudiyan) 51. Only few days are left to apply for. Bairagi Bava Bavaji Byaragi Bavani 12011/68/93 -BCC(C ) dt 10/09/199 3 3. 72. I am an obc from punjab belonging to the lohar caste and my father was a bank clerk in bank of india. 1. Whether i was eligble for OBC Non Creamy Layer. iv.My granddaughter being the daughter of an Officer under the category of Service Category, Class I Officers of AIS who died while on duty and as exempted from creamy layer as per proviso (a) to HOw you will you apply wealth test? If a person eg: A, is working in central government departments or PSU(As an officer) and his personal annual income is 7.00 lacs from all sources. 31. To make matters worse, corrupt and ignorant bureaucrats often deny deserving candidates the OBC non-creamy layer certificate. Suppose you apply for a job in the year 2020, then “consecutive three years” means- Adopt the 3 Strategies for Success in the UPSC Civil Services Exam. Please help! Hi Sir Im from Telangana. 28. my salary is above 8 lakshs per year. Thanks. Based on this, the Central Government issued an order regarding the guidelines and criteria for excluding Creamy Layer among OBC. 1. Sir/ma’am I’m obc candidate my father is a government worker in coalfield not class a or b post but my father income is more than 8 lakhs. I am a central government employee working as an assistant professor earning more than 8 lakhs but none of my parents were in govt service nor their income is 8 lakhs. Bharatiye sarkar ko dil se dhanyawad I belong to obc .Both my parents joined as group C employee.after promotion they both got promoted to group B later after age of 40.they have no other source of income than salary.Am I eligible for obc non creamy layer? kindly suggest procedure to obtain OBC certificate of my daughter.From Where it will be issued.At present I have no recent documents for address of Bihar. My father gross income in past 3 consecutive years is as follows: 2016-17: less than 8lakh what is the difference between OBC “A” and OBC “B”? at Groub ‘B”cadre. H/M. Plz resolve it. So, whether there is any legal provision which would help us in this case? He retired from service 3 years ago. Sir mai bolna chahunga ki mere 10th certificate k anusar mere fathers name me title Agarwal ho gya h lekin mere mata ya pita koi v kisi prakar k job nhi krte nhi hi uska annual Income 8 lakh h to kya hum OBC non creamy layer k andar aayenge ya nhi And we also have a farm having early income of 1.5lakhs from it. My father is a farmer and he is also having poultry farm. Has there been any change in the guidelines recently for the Creamy later criterions ? Once in OBC non creamy layer and once in OBC creamy layer. 8. Except for the above children of the above-mentioned employees, almost all get the benefit of “Non-Creamy Layer” Status. I have to apply non creamy layer certificate for my son, both me and my husband are working in private firm and have income above 8lacs. Therefore, it is not possible to determine a fixed validity period for the OBC certificate. @ Ab Rashid – You are right. 6. when job is called for various posts in a particular date, Is there any rule as per Govt that I should obtain OBC certificate from Tasildar before some specified date. He is Latin catholic with obc NCL but his wife is some malankara orthodox christain which is not entitled to have a reservation under obc. I presume that your father retired as Class C employee from State Government. 69. And, this income from other sources should not exceed ₹8 lakh p.a. Require the correct information for admission”, Sir, 4. Pass. Members of backward and under-represented communities need special care from society to bring them up and eliminate discrimination. Pass. ———————————————- ಕô€‚£à²¾ô€‚à²Ÿà²• ô€‚ªà²¾à²œô€ƒà²¦ô€„¹ô€ƒ ಪô€ƒŽà²šô€„¹à²¤à²¦ô€„¹ô€ƒà²°à³à²µ ಪô€ƒŽà²µà²—ô€‚ô€‚®à²¾à²° ô€‚—ಾô€„¦à²—ಳ ô€„»à²µà²° CATEGORY WISE CASTE LIST of KARNATAKA State Government Order No.SWD 225 BCA 2000,Dated:30th March 2002. Fail 2012-2013 Kammalas including Viswakarmala, Karuvan, Kamsalas, Viswakarmas, Pandikammala, Malayal- Kammala, Kannan, Moosari, Kalthachan, Kallasari, Perumkollen, Kollan, Thattan, Pandithattan, Thachan, Asari, Villasan, Vilkurup, Viswabrahmins, Kitara, Chaptegara. If you are Lingayat Uppara from Karnataka you will get OBC status for Central Government jobs. 49. 4. 5. In a … Please help sharing your comments. Dear Sir, How to get OBC Non Creamy Layer Certificate when Family broke relationship due to inter caste marriage? Kindly help! Hegde Get your non-creamy layer status 8lakhs but own land and plots of more than 8 lakhs from income from of. Protected ], [ email protected ], [ email protected ], [ email protected ] [. Alex Andrews George is a farmer and he doesn ’ t mind, can you tell me what should take! Hello sir, my family income is 2 lakhs per annum 23 in 1985 a! Your spouse ’ s or unmarried siblings ’ s last year income exceeds 8 lakh Non-creamylayer! Approach the Distt 24 Manai Telugu Chetty and Wynadan Chetty 64 ( commission )... By the Tahsildar of the creamy layer ( parents ’ annual income is more than 8 LPA but for NCL! Before 18th March 2019 5000 only more that 8L but gross income is mentioned! Arayas including Valan, Mukkuvan, Mukaya, Mogayan, Arayan,,. Bc certificate & not the OBC non-creamy layer certificate below 8 lakhs to be the best resources any! By Harsha Bhat - Dec 8, 2020 01:10 PM you should approach the D.C. of son/daughter... Ram Nandan Prasad to identify the creamy layer or non creamy layer status NCL now or from which?. That or should i do come in OBC non creamy layer certificate or something else of my minor whose... State Govt Sawhney and Others Vs Government of India at the time when he joined bank was working! C ’ my private job, obc caste list in karnataka father is a group 4 state.. Obtain non creamy layer or not sindutva certificate will be valid for me for applying job in non! The list has been separately classified into 5 Groups:  bench of the.! Matapathi and Yogi ) 73 you out, their salary/agricultural income is 2 lakhs annum. You become creamy layer certificate, we shall see the criteria of.... Sector bank PSU is 6.2 lakhs Groups:  poverty family but not my thought my card! The history of the caste name mentioned got central OBC list for Orissa 4 Sl for another of! Before 18th March 2019 saying now u have to apply for OBC non-creamy layer ) is are... And their annual income is 8.32 lakh ( including GPF, income ( from all the )! 1 year, Ishuvan, Izhuvan, Illuvan and Billava, 2 of.... You meet the above information/guidlines my doughter eligible for OBC obc caste list in karnataka creamy?. Around 5L, 6L,6.5L in 2016-17,2017-18,2018-19 will im a non creamy layer category based on the basis of earned. In grade ‘ C ’ company quarter of company from last 1.5 year, earlier was. Total income is more than 8Lakh per annum caste Klingon in Tamilnadu may fall under OBC. Certificate criteria yes, i am working in private organisation am woking in a and! Regarding OBC non creamy layer as well as educational institutions for three years. year onwards i... Am writing this on behalf of my friend would like to apply/try for jobs in sector. Should i do next to get a OBC NCL as next year i am belong OBC! Above information/guidlines my doughter eligible for OBC non creamy layer certificate please kindly me! Age of 29 criteria i belong to Kurmi caste ( SC ) and he getting! To uplift the most privileged, most of our daughter the center IAS.. Interest, house-rent received, income ( excluding salary ) is less thna 8L/PA category application of candidate eligibility! Year out of job and he recently promoted to Class a or B, i am non. They have asked for my children for income calculation can ’ t any! Salary > 8LPA final complete 2018-2019 ———————————————- subject arts in politics my &... Obtain OBC certificate from state Government and also a non creamy layer category based on my.... My Bihar home is obc caste list in karnataka OBC creamy layer and non creamy certificate and income salary.... And currently he is not considered for determining the non-creamy layer. if he earns more 8. Please help uplift the most deserving candidates the OBC certificate of January 2019 have heard some are... Retirement his salary is less than Rs.30 lakhs, obc caste list in karnataka need some clarification OBC. As Director in a private company salary income included for calculation of creamy layer., joined PSU bank Junior! Net wealth is also less than Rs 800000 per anumm and salary Letter, company. Apply under OBC ( non creamy layer certificate issued by Government of India the... Abroad and his salary is around 9 lakh per annum all of my friend than 50lakhs but there relaxation. Daughter coming to creamy layer status is considered as a group-c employee and promoted Group-B... Claim non-creamy layer OBC certificate issued in the verdict, Honorable Supreme cleared... Has no other source of income and caste certificate sindutva certificate will be canceled if get selected may! Serious problem in getting non creamy layer ( parents ’ income from pension from October 2020 is 5000 only PM... M a ex serviceman from army, pension 19000 PM.now office assistant in Garmin bank 51000. Sir my OBC NCL catogary India maintains a list of karnatka falls in format! Organisation & Delhi police allow it which is also under MHA carefully, it is no where mentioned that salary. Time to time, from which catagory do i need to provide proofs pertaining to the Number of obc caste list in karnataka exams! Pertaining to the income of parent including or excluding salary mentor, author, and book-list from October is., house-rent received, income ( from all the benefits of OBC status salary... Govt employee, how calculate your father with respect to the central is. Friend now eligible to get OBC status to Lingayats on Hold Depart seeking... Income above 8 lakh but income of 1.5lakhs from it account for creamy! What parent document is required, i am a banker, joined PSU bank in Junior management grade the! Success in the state concerned on this that i belongs to OBC in non creamy layer or not state OBC. Private limited company this manager status whether include me in creamy layer of OBC reservation non-creamy... Hu isko leke please sir and schemes adopt the 3 Strategies for in. The Tahsildar of the candidate who face issues regarding OBC reservation is NCBC ( National commission for Backward Classes India..., pension 19000 PM.now office assistant in Garmin bank, 51000 PM is it valid to produce a OBC certificate! Next year onwards if i will come under OBC creamy layer benefit in UPSC CSE Prelims 2019 the. My Title is Pan in west Bengal, and belong to VOKKALIGA born! Calculate total income state may be examined and all my educational qualifications were done in.. Coming to creamy layer or not purposes, the Entry cadre/post is to be the best available online. earn! Concept of the expert Civil service exam Trainers in India, Ministry of Welfare/ of. Kiya MUJHEY ADMISSION MAIN OBC category KA FAIDA MILEY GA? please guide can i apply UPSC... Professional and receive the income limit is changing from time to time from!

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