System Monitoring – LogicMonitor

Everyone seems to be searching for a monitoring system that can provide the extra eyes on their environment.

I have been searching for an easy to use and implement system just like everyone else. I have used Solarwinds, What’s Up Gold, Paessler, and of course Spiceworks. All are extremely management heavy and do very little other than up/down monitoring. I am not saying they aren’t powerful products but only that they require extreme measures to get them running in a manner that is useful. I have been looking for a system that provides out of box monitoring of all our systems without the requirements of configuring a dozen different monitors for each system to be effective.

We found LogicMonitor on a fluke search and now are very impressed with its capabilities as well as easy setup. It is a hosted service so there is no longer a need to create servers for the application. Since it is an external service you can alert on your external services as well. We literally had over 20 sites and their 500+ systems added and fully monitored within 2 hours of setting up the trial. Licensing is a little different as they licence based on device. A device is something you add to monitor so all of your VMware guests do not need to be added directly unless you want more detail. Simply adding your hosts will add all underlying guest machines with the normal CPU, Memory, and Storage monitors. Have SQL, Exchange, Cisco, or most other name brand devices? Simply add them and all of the things you would want to monitor are added automatically. Doing this in Solarwinds or WUG takes hours as well as doesn’t view well in a dashboard.

I suggest a close look at LogicMonitor for your monitoring needs. Don’t be scared off by the price either. They are very flexible on pricing and their product is well worth it.

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