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Build quality on the bridge is very high and I could find no flaws. Main problem is that I can't adjust the action low enough. A huge game changer for my EB-0! Maybe the 12 year old drilling the bridge mounting holes in the EB-0 body in China got it wrong as I've never seen this complaint in any of the revues I"ve read about the bridge. Adjusting the string spacing is easy with Hipshot’s pre-notched brass inserts. My Thunderbird is happy! i just installed the three point version on my Epiphone Allen Woody, took less than 10 minutes to put on and set up. 5 Bragdon Lane, Unit 5 These would be a needed upgrade regardless of sonic improvement possibilities which is how I approached my purchase. Hipshot KickAss 4 String Bass Bridge with Brass Saddle Inserts. What is the KickAss bass bridge made of? What is the string spacing of a Fixed Bridge? Multiple key style and finishes is available for a unique touch to any bass. Hipshot A Style Bass Bridges are a high end boutique styled bridge available in brass, and aluminum construction with finishes including Satin, Chrome, Black, and Gold for the 4, 5, 6, and 7 String bass guitarist's hardware needs. I don't get why Gibson continues to use the old 3 point design but that's another issue for another time. Available as single detuners or as a set with tuning keys and a detuner for the lowest string. Hipshot machine their SuperTone bass bridges from aircraft grade aluminium for maximum precision and durability. Once it is installed and intonated, it will STAY THAT WAY! What is the Difference Between Nashville and Metric Tone-A-Matric Guitar Bridge? Great upgrade! Replaced the stock bridge on my Epiphone Rumblekat bass with the SuperTone, and I am extremely pleased with it. WIth the original bridge, D'Addario XL Chrome Flats in short scale fit nicely, with some extra room past the nut, but not too much. These bass bridges are inspired by the original Rickenbacker design and are direct retrofit to … Black finish. Super solid contact through the posts, as the slight arch top semi hollow design of this model bass prefers. $56.99. The Hipshot bridge came with four screws when only two were needed, but then again only two of the four fit my bass -- my guess is that Gibson changed their screw threading at some point and Hipshot thoughtfully provided screws for both types. Massive improvement over the stock item, and it looks really good as well! {"id":280509877,"title":"Bass bridge - Hipshot®5B400 - Aluminium - top load or through the body bass bridge","handle":"hipshot-top-load-or-through-the-body-bass … There's a gap in my KickAss bridge, is this a design flaw? Between the new bridge and brass knobs I put on, the bass is much more balanced. It sounded great stock in my opinion, but after reading the reviews on the improved tone and sustain that folks were getting, I made the decision. I recommend the Hipshot bridge. I changed the pick up too and did a string through body like Fenders or my Gibson G-3. • See more ideas about Hipshot, Bass, Bass guitar. Nov 12, 2012 - Explore Hipshot Products's board "Hipshot Bass Bridges" on Pinterest. I have this bridge on my Epiphone Rumblekat Bass. We see the values of the past as a stepping stone to the future with new and exciting guitars and basses at the center. Bass Bridges FAQ Can I order my bass bridge with piezo saddles? What is the string spacing of the US … As part of my effort to return it to playable condition, I installed a SuperTone bridge. Hipshot A Style Bass Bridge – 4 String Since its inception in 1999, the Hipshot A Style bass bridge has become the standard bearer for high end instruments and boutique builds. 4.9 out of 5 stars (22) Total Ratings 22, 100% agree - Would recommend. Best Bass Gear carries a large assortment of pickups for many different basses with multiple string configurations to choose from. And tone and sustain are definitely improved -- the sound of my bass is clearer and more focused. It worked out great though and the bass plays and sounds great, super sustain, and holds tuning. Highly recommended. A closer look, however, reveals significant improvements under the hood that put this bridge in a class of its own. I rescued a 1971 EB-0 slot head that was striped of all hardware, and was so glad to find this superior bridge available. Far more solid than the standard bridge. It would be nice if there was a little more room to work with. Say goodbye to “tail lift”, maddening intonation and string height adjustments once and for all! Bought from Guitar Parts Resource for my new SG special Bass. At Hipshot, we believe that electric guitar and bass design doesn't have to be locked into a bygone era. I'm not noticing any of the increased sustain or improved tone that others mention, but dang this thing is so much better than the stock bridge on my Epiphone Thunderbird. I'm happy with it. This bridge is a must-have for all T-Bird players! See … A preamp can offer further tone shaping of two bands of equalization with treble and bass, three bands of equalization with treble, bass and midrange, or even four bands to offer further tonal expansion. In 2001 the Mexican factory started using a proper bridge and neck pick up in the jazz bass. Description If you’re one of the many Gibson® bass owners who are fed up with the stock bridge, our SuperTone Gibson® replacement bridge is the answer to your prayers. Hipshot Kickass Bass Bridge Nickel Retrofits 5 Hole Fender 5K400N - 5 out of 5 stars (25) Total Ratings 25, 100% agree - Would recommend. Only improvements could be: I like woody organic sound and im afraid that I will lose a bit of that with the hipshot. Solved easily by using qty 3, 5/16", gold zinc lock washers between the posts and the bridge. Hipshot's New TransTone Bass Bridge features construction so sturdy you will feel the difference! Provides improved clarity, tone, and sustain. What is the default length of saddle for the Hipshot Fixed Bridge? The bent plate design is made of heavy brass and features the quick-load string design. Had my Supertone 3 point for 3 weeks and I love the added sustain. In any case, I would recommend this bridge as a must have for Gibson basses. Can I order my bass bridge with piezo saddles? Hipshot bridges aren’t just versatile in style, but also function. Hipshot 5RK400ACRickenbacker Replacement Bridge - Chrome. Like Bill, I found a neglected '71 EB-0, that had been stripped of everything (including the finish). Would certainly recommend. Hipshot manufactuers high quality hardware including bridges, tuning machines, detuners, string retainers, and accessories for the bass guitarist in a wide array of unique and aesthetically pleasing styles, materials ,and finishes. $154.49 New. The other strings fit fine into their saddle pieces. I'll be buying one for my Thunderbird soon!!! It installs very easily -- just remove the three screws for the original bridge and install this one in its place. 2. A full range of usable intonation, side-to-side spacing and height adjustability is available because of the A-Style saddles. Hipshot 4 String KickAss Bass Bridge Bundle with a Lumintrail Polishing Cloth (Chrome) 5.0 out of 5 stars 4. The original bridge on my '99 Gibson Thunderbird had become warped, and my usual setup tech recommended a Hipshot Supertone bridge to replace it. Do the A Style and B Style bridge mount patterns line up? Beautiful craftsmanship and super shiny chrome. Replaced the Gibson three point bridge with a Hipshot. Being able to adjust each string side to side is great and what attracted me to Hipshot bridges in the beginning. Machined out of solid aircraft-quantity aluminum, the Hipshot SuperTone bass bridge features complete adjustability that is easy to use: precise intonation, independent string height, and even side-to-side string spacing … It is a stronger, clearer, more well-defined sound. And with its timeless and elegant lines, the SuperTone will help you look as good as you sound. I bought this for my '72 SB-450. How to Adjust String Spacing bridges equipped with the A style saddle: Locate "the 3rd screw" … I recently ordered (through Amazon) one of these bridges for my Epiphone EB-0 short scale bass. Quite amazed at the difference it's made. That helps me out tons! A great product. However, for the same reason, the Hipshot bridge may require longer strings. Once strung up I found a definite improvement in sound, notes are punchier and more consistent over the fingerboard and there is more sustain. bass guitar, fan-fret, bass bridge, B-bender, guitar bridge, tremolo, bass machine heads, bass tuners, multi-scale, tuners, bridges, headless, vibrato, hardware Free shipping on domestic orders over $50 USD! Hipshot Guitar Parts Hipshot make innovative guitar parts - drop tuners, string benders, lightweight tuning keys, bass bridges, guitar bridges, piezo systems. Works like a charm, looks good and the Jazz bass sounds terrific. Direct replacement for most Fender® 4 string top-load bass bridges with 5 mounting holes. This is my second hipshot bridge ( a kickass is on my Squire Vintage P bass) , so i’m used to the quality. Beautiful bridge. This bridge is a nice piece of work and I recommend it. Best of all, the Hipshot bridge gives about 3/4" more room at the ball end of the string, so the threads wound around that end no longer rest on the saddle. The stock 3 point bridge looks like a cereal toy when compared to the HipShot. By utilizing the existing mount pattern, the SuperTone gives you a full range of intuitive adjustability and excellent tone transference without any mod I took that bass to Boston Guitar Guru Jim Mouradian for some neck work and a set up and he could not stop raving about the SuperTone. 5.0 out of 5 stars Hipshot Bass Bridge Reviewed in Canada on July 12, 2019 Had a problem at first with the bass bridge but the seller and manufacturer were quick to respond. Start shopping or login to your account now. Best Bass Gear stocks a wide selection of bridges in a variety of different string spacings, finishes, string configurations and manufacturers.. Tuning machines offer a nice custom touch when used with an upgrade or a fresh start of years of future stability with tuning on new builds. The bass seems to have a bit more sustain now, as well. Really sets the tone (pun intended) for the looks, sound and feel of this 2012 Gibson Ltd. I noticed that the Hipshot is bigger and look heavier than thee stock fender bridge. Strings all sit on their speaking lengths on the saddle pieces instead of on the wrap like on she Gibson 3-point stock bridge. Free shipping on domestic orders over $50 USD! After install and a few hours of shedding today, I can report that it works exactly as advertised. Hipshot 4 String A Style Fendermount 1 Bass Bridge, Hipshot 4 String A Style Fendermount 2 Bass Bridge, Hipshot 5 String A Style Fendermount3 Bass Bridge, Hipshot 4 String B Style Fendermount 1 Bass Bridge, Hipshot 4 String B Style Fendermount 2 Bass Bridge, Hipshot 5 String B Style Fendermount 3 Bass Bridge. It’s a great piece of hardware at an excellent price point. Bought one of these for my Epiphone Les Paul Standard bass and it was worth every penny!! Bridge replacements offer better aesthetics over stock hardware along with the added benefit of further control of variables like intonation, string action height, and string spacing. Since then, the instrument's intonation has never been better, and it holds a setup longer, too. I recently bought an hipshot vintage style bridge for my jaco fretted bass. Brass High Mass Bass Bridge For Fender Jazz Or Precision Bass - Perfect Fit - Vintage Mount 4.7 out of 5 stars 81. Question: Where Can I Buy Hipshot Bridges? The adjustability of the bridge fixed two problems. The SuperTone bridge is a huge improvement over the stock 3-point bridge. I will eventually adjust the neck but as is I don't care for the saddles being so high and the adjustment screws so far down in the saddles. Further enhance the tone shaping capabilities on your bass. The Hipshot bridge is an improvement over the original Gibson design in every way imaginable. The adjustment I can get is not quite as low as in the schematic and as a result the action on the guitar is not as low as it could be. Info@Hipshot.com. Excellent customer service. Even before I finished up the electronics, I could tell that this hardware would make this a much more versatile and playable instrument than it would be with the stock part. Got this bridge for an Epiphone Thunderbird, then moved it over to my Gibson RD Standard when that came along. Our price is lower than the manufacturer's "minimum advertised price." Lots more mass than the stock bridge without a difference in the balance of the bass. Featuring. It's about time this bridge was invented. The bridge … $42.95. Sounds fantastic. Thank you Hipshot for allowing me to replace that crappy Epiphone 3-point bridge on my new EB-3 bass. Again, this after initial installation, it could well be with some tweaking these issues may lessen. I had another Supertone that helped my old 2011 SG Bass tone by giving it more solid tone and clarity. bass guitar, fan-fret, bass bridge, B-bender, guitar bridge, tremolo, bass machine heads, bass tuners, multi-scale, tuners, bridges, headless, vibrato, hardware Free shipping on domestic orders over $50 USD! Easily fitted and good quality. bass guitar, fan-fret, bass bridge, B-bender, guitar bridge, tremolo, bass machine heads, bass tuners, multi-scale, tuners, bridges, headless, vibrato, hardware Free shipping on domestic orders over $50 USD! Make the low E string saddle black roller piece a little wider so the wider E string could sit better inside the roller. I can finally intonate the thing properly, and the action is quite a bit lower now as well. What is the KickAss bass bridge made of? I bought it primarily for the extra length between the saddles and the holes for the string balls because Ernie Ball Chrome flats have long silks on them, which ended up on the stock bridge saddles. It’s the bridge your Gibson® has been waiting for. Sustain improved. It's a nice upgrade if you like more precision in your string height than the tilting, unreliable original. With the Hipshot bridge, because the ball end of the string is pulled further back, the short-scale strings just barely fit -- the threads at the far end of the E string touch the nut. It makes all the difference in the world! Precision machined from durable top grade brass or aluminum and featuring a fully adjustable groove-locking saddle design; the A Style bridge offers … They are known to be some of the most easily-adjustable bridges available. September 2018 in Bass. Guitar Bridge FAQ What bridge fits an Ibanez RGA42FM? Superior to the original Gibson bridges, by far! Kennebunk, Maine 04043. Click here for an important COVID-19 Update: SuperTone Gibson® Bass Replacement Bridge, Machined from aircraft grade aluminum for maximum precision and durability, Innovative micro-adjust saddle design allows for an additional 1/16" [1.5mm] of side-to-side adjustment for even greater string spacing possibilities, String silks guaranteed to stay behind the saddles, where they belong, Bridge fits flush to the top of the bass for maximum tone transference, Available in both two and three point mounting configurations, Quick load slots make string changes easy and keep those sharp ball ends away from your finish, Includes standard and metric mounting screws for both Gibson® and Epiphone® models. Looks really cool too. Fit my Epiphone Thunderbird perfectly. What are A style saddles made of? I got the Hipshot bridge for a Chinese EB-0 I'm hot rodding.When I tried to bolt it in the holes were on the bridge were too far apart. Also to get the E string to intonate properly I had to back up the saddle as far as it can go. Better sustain as well, but mostly I love the bell-like clarity to the sound, compared to before. I had read that some folks were having issues with the posts pulling out of the Epiphone Rumblekat after a few days. Best Bass Gear is proud to stock tuning keys from Hipshot & Gotoh. How Do I Adjust the String Spacing on My Hipshot Bass Bridge? With the bridge and the HipShot HB6 Ultralite tuners I also added, I have a bass that gives me a better growl and bottom end than I've ever had. Do the A Style and B Style bridge mount patterns line up? Hipshot D Style 2-Piece Bass Bridges are a 2-piece bass bridge that can be utilized as a single bridge with string through option or used as a set with the tailpiece for top loading or string through stringing option for 4 and 5 String bass guitars. I can't recommend this bridge enough!!! As a result, we cannot show you the price in catalog or the product page. We worked hard to ensure that the KickAss™ possesses the soul of the beloved origi This bridge was a direct replacement for my 2001 MIM Fender jazz bass. Rock solid tuning, this bass simply does not go out of tune. A much superior bridge to the obsolete 3 point bridge still used on Gibsons and Epiphones. It! The bridge fits flush to the top of the bass for maximum tone transference. Fitted the two point bridge to my 1970 EB3. I once had another 71 EB-3 slot head with the Gibson 2 point bridge, and that had dead C notes on the G and D strings. Why ? Include 4 M8 stainless washers (2 per side) for filling the cutout circular recesses on the underside of the bridge where the mounting holes are, that way the bushings from the bass body won't risk getting pulled up and into those recesses and they will have a flat surface to contact when tightening down the mounting bolts. 607-532-9404 Hipshot vintage 4 string bass bridge. I wish I'd done this years ago. Fitted perfectly on both instruments and improved them greatly. I may try medium-scale strings (or another brand) to see if they fit better. Hipshot offers a wide variety of bridges for your bass with styles ranging from A-Style, B-Style, Vintage Retrofit, Triple Lock Down Individual Saddles, Rickenbacker, Super Tone, and many others to provide you a solution for your bass bridge.Available in material construction including Brass, Aluminum, and Steel and with finishes in Gold, Satin, Black, and Chrome there is a Hipshot product to meet the aesthetics of your hardware needs. By utilizing the existing mount pattern, the SuperTone gives you a full range of intuitive adjustability and excellent tone transference without any modifications to your bass whatsoever. Cheers Hipshot. Superb quality as usual, Hipshot always delivers! Will these Hipshot Bridges work with your Bass? Hipshot makes replacement bridges for each of these. Available for 4 and 5-String configurations and with finishes including Satin, Chrome, Black, and Gold. Everything sits rock solid so far. Used by many high end boutiqe manufacturers like Michael Tobias, Sadowsky, Lakland, Roscoe, ACG, Tino Tedesco, Jerzy Drozd, and Brubaker and also contracted to provide hardware from the larger industry manufacturers including Peavey, Fender, Cort, and Yamaha Hipshot is an obvious choice for your hardware needs. 1. American Standard (2 Pivot) Tremolos: The american standard tremolo system uses two pivot posts and a spring cavity on the back of the body to keep the bridge in … JezWynd Frets: 4584 . If you’re one of the many Gibson® bass owners who are fed up with the stock bridge, our SuperTone Gibson® replacement bridge is the answer to your prayers. Dimensions Instructions At first blush, the KickAss™ might seem like a simple, heartfelt tribute to Leo Quan’s BadAssII®. $52.40 New. I do have a couple of gripes though; to get the strings off the fingerboard to a reasonable playing height, the saddles had to be adjusted quite high. Other than that, I love this bridge. How Do I Adjust the String Spacing on My Hipshot Bass Bridge? Best Bass Gear carries a large variety of preamp solutions for your bass guitar. Easy to adjust and great improvement of clarity and punch. I think it's mostly the bridge because now the bass has sustain like it never did before. This bass now has no dead notes, and excellent sustain. Took 5 minutes to install with an Allen key. There's a gap in my KickAss bridge, is this a design flaw? It doesn't fall off the instrument when the strings are removed, and the saddles don't fall out. Easy to install, balanced well (with some pads underneath near each bolt hole per suggestions from Hipshot), and I am truly impressed at how much it improves the sound of my bass. Very impressive and my thinking about "better" pickups has been squelched. Yes! I have had the same results with other Hipshot products over the years. I found that this is because they were laying the bridge on the surface and without a small spacer at each contact point, you create a lever and jack the posts up out of the body. Should mention that I changed the strings at the same time (from Pyramid flats to La Bella) which might partially account for the difference but.. sound is very different; … What bridge will replace a wilkinson VS50II? Edition Explorer bass. Answer: You can buy these from Best Bass Gear by Calling 877-839-3531 or Emailing us at sales@bestbassgear.com or chatting with our Bass Techs, Best Bass Gear These bridges kick butt. Much more intonation travel, and that is a blessing on a short scale. Installation is easy and simple, I think it took me about 3 minutes including removing the old bridge. No instructions either though installation is a no brainer. Only hassle was having to rummage around finding an Allen wrench for the two bog bolts since Hipshot does not supply one. Hipshot offers a wide variety of bridges for your bass with styles ranging from A-Style, B-Style, Vintage Retrofit, Triple Lock Down Individual Saddles, Rickenbacker, Super Tone, and many others to provide you a solution for your bass bridge.Available in material construction including Brass, Aluminum, and Steel and with finishes in Gold, Satin, Black, and Chrome there is a Hipshot … – … Steel saddles secured to the main assembly provide superb string-to-instrument sonic transmission for punchy, long … Oh yeah, the Hipshot is heavier than stock so helps a but with neck dive. Found out the problem was me. Really happy with my new bridge. Love the heft of this bridge. I didn't think of my Rumblekat as being "muffled" before, but in comparison to how it sounds now, it was muffled. This is, indeed, a drop-in replacement for Gibson's 3-point bridge, but easier to set up. So a successful replacement for the stock Gibson bridge, and also has side-to-side saddle adjustment as a bonus, and more weight for offsetting some neck dive. For example, the popular Kickass Bass Bridge model offers adjustable spacing from 17.5mm to 20mm. Detuners provide a unique way to drop tune your bass guitar from a single step up to two full steps with the convenience of only a flick of a lever! I did not have any issues with the stock inserts (nuts) in the body coming loose. I hope this helps anyone considering an upgrade. It was a bit oversize compared to the on that came on the Vantage Bass stock, so a bit of work had to be done to recess it, as Vantage recessed the Gibson style bridges into the body. Made my EB-3 come to life...and made it possible to play above the 7th fret. Apparently some people have. Highly recommended. Fender 5-Hole Mounting configuration. Hipshot Rickenbacker Replacement Bridge The Hipshot Rickenbacker Replacement Bridge will shake the faith of the most ardent Rick purists. Fantastic improvement! Luckily I bad a 5/16 end mill so I could oval the bridge holes. Hipshot Bass Bridge. I bolted the bridge down tightly but didn't go crazy as there is no need plus I didn't want to risk loosening the inserts. Hipshot 5C400SS 4 String Vintage Bass Bridge $ USD 89.99 Coming Soon; Hipshot 5G400C SuperTone Gibson Bass Replacement Bridge $ USD 119.99 – $ USD 149.99 Select options; Hipshot 5K501C KickAss 5 String Chrome Bass Bridge $ USD 89.99 Add to cart; Hipshot 5A4FM2BC 4 String A Style Fender® Mount Bass Bridge … Excellent replacement bridge for my Gibson Les Paul Jr. DC bass. Now I can adjust my action exactly where I want it. It took longer to remove and restring the bass than it took me to fit this bridge to a epiphone thunderbird. What are A style saddles made of? It looks great, matching the black hardware on my Jack Casady signature bass. The Hipshot KickAss Bridge is their “tribute” to the grandad of high mass bridges, the BadAss, incorporating all of the soul of the original without being a copy. String spacing is .750". The start of the electronics journey of improving the tone on your bass. Bass Bridges FAQ. Question: Where Can I Buy Hipshot Bridges? I need to set up the height a bit but it has plenty of options te do so. The stock bridges are lacking to say the least. Your shopping cart is empty. If you are thinking of purchasing. The contoured back ledge covers the string balls for a clean look. Improve the quality of the hardware on your existing bass or fresh build. Hipshot KickAss High-mass Bass Bridge for 5-bolt Fender, Chrome The difference is incredible! Very easy to install... this bridge is fantastic. The Hipshot A style, D style, Supertone, Solo, Rickenbacker® Replacement, and Kickass bass bridges have fine string spacing adjustment which enables one to dial the strings right on top of the pickup pole-pieces. A direct replacement bridge for your Gibson 3-point bass bridge that uses your existing hole pattern. We offer a variety of styles and finishes to upgrade your existing tuning key to a detuner or start a fresh build. Do.

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