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Nutrition german shorthaired pointer is easy to feed. Can German Shorthaired Pointers be black? You can expect to pay $1,000-$5,000 with an average price point of $3,000. German Shorthaired Pointer Colors Liver & White. These combinations are BB which guarantees that this dog is black and the offspring of such a dog will be black regardless of the other parents’ genetics. German shorthaired pointers are known to be the color liver and white with liver-colored footpads and a liver nose. German Shorthaired Pointer Chesapeake, 6 German Shorthaired Pointer puppies available . There became a need for a dog capable of serving multiply roles in the field. And lastly there is bb which always end with a liver-colored dog, unless the other parent carries the B-gene for black. Raw or boiled beef and pork, fresh chicken or rabbit meat, as well as offal. The German Shorthaired Pointer was recognized by the United Kennel Club in 1948.. The German Pointer can grow and reach 21 to 25 inches in height. The coat is solid liver (a reddish brown ), or liver and white in distinctive patterns. Nov 27, 2016 - German Pointer > From Germany ..... Use today: Companion, Gundog ..... Colours: Liver / white, black, black / white, Liver Lillee has 11 new babies. The color can be a dark brown with some lighter brown colors, referred to as "liver" (incorrectly as "chocolate" or "chestnut"), black (although any area of black is cause for disqualification in American Kennel Club-sanc… If bred enough and no variations besides the black color is present, then the black pointer might be eventually accepted into the breed standards. All have big heads. They have slightly long ears that lie flat and close to the head. It’s not impossible to find a black German Shorthaired Pointer, but the dog would not be recognized as part of the breed since they are most likely crossed with another type of dog that carries the gene for black. We are currently going down our waiting list contacting folks. German Shorthaired Pointers carry the recessive genes that create various shades of liver and white. Not to worry, we are here to answer your questions on everything to do with the colors of German Shorthaired Pointers. The other 75% have the potential for liver puppies, depending on the dog they are mated with, due to either inheriting the Bb-gene combination or the bb-gene combination. The liver roan coloration will become more apparent as the dog ages. These patterns include: Any German Shorthaired Pointer that has the following colors does not adhere to the breed standard: Liver roan is not considered a color when it comes to the German Shorthaired Pointer as it is in other breeds. Rarely will he be all black or all liver in color. List of Popular Male and Female Dog Names, I am over the age of 30 years, very like with animals especially dogs and cats. This allows the German Shorthaired Pointer to be an agile hunter with high performance in both field and water. Do you have a GSP and you’re wondering about their coloring? Alex Oldenburg is a Certified Professional Dog Trainer and our chief content writer. AKC registered. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); All images are the property of their respective owners. Find white German Shorthaired Pointer puppies and dogs from a breeder near you. Some shade of liver may be very dark but the color of the dog’s nose will indicate whether it is a liver dog i.e. Marie started HoundGames with her husband, Geoff. Rather, liver roan is considered to be a distribution of white and liver hairs in an alternating stitch by stitch pattern. To get this color, the dog will have only one type of the 4 possible genes combinations on the B locus genotype. For a roan dog, the skin is blue/gray while for a white dog its pink. The Pointer’s evolution can be said to be more organic, whereas the German Shorthaired Pointer was created more deliberately. The Versatile dogs are bred to find and point game, as well as track and retrieve on both land and water. It became a leading gun dog in Germany in the later part of the 20th century. You can expect minimal grooming when it comes to this breed. Both parents love peoples and hunt. They will come with health guarantee, docked tails, and dewclaws removed. Now start taking deposits. But mostly, he will sport a mixture of either black and white and liver and white. About the German Shorthaired Pointer. Link to this: German Shorthaired Pointer vs German Wirehaired Pointer vs Pointer – Which one is a better dog breed for you? The German shorthaired pointer’s daily menu should consist of 50 percent meat products, as it is a hunting dog by nature and his body needs animal food. I write about dogs blog, german shorthaired pointer colors liver & white, german shorthaired pointer colors liver roan, rare german shorthaired pointer colors liver & white. German shorthaired pointer puppies are friendly and intelligent. Asking fee of $850 for each. Coat colors include solid liver, liver and white, liver ticked or patches, white ticked or liver roan. The Origin of German Shorthaired Pointer Colors, White and liver in varying shades and patterns. German shorthaired pointer liver and white patched . By juliepetersen august 22 2016. Black; Black Roan; Black and White; Liver (brownish) Liver Roan; Liver and White; White and Liver; This information is according to their breed standard. Most dogs continue getting darker with age. The German Shorthaired Pointer is a versatile, all-purpose hunter and gun dog with an overall appearance of aristocracy, balance, power, and agility. German Shorthaired Pointer puppies usually develop their ticking/spots in the first 5 weeks after birth. The German Shorthaired Pointer is a versatile all-purpose gundog. The GSP will most likely keep changing, developing more and more ticking as it grows older. There are 4 types of combinations that can play a role in the B locus and thus the coat color of a dog. This means that if the first parent has a gene combination of BB and the second has a combination of Bb, the puppies are guaranteed to be black, because the puppy will automatically inherit a B-gene no matter what. The coat color of the purebred GSP will be liver and white or black and white but not a combination of liver, black and white. The … HoundGames is compensated for referring traffic and business to this company. Marie Capell is a life-long dog lover and together with her husband founded HoundGames. Height: 21–25 inches 3. This is true of either black or liver dogs and is independent of the color allele. As such, the dog can track and retrieve game in water. Since its centenary year in 1991 crufts has officially been recognised as the worlds largest and most prestigious dog show by the guinness book of records with a total of 22973 dogs being exhibited that year. The coat color can be solid liver liver and white ticked liver and white patched liver roan a deep reddish brown base lightened with white hairs or any combination of those colors and patterns. The coat is waterproof with short and dense hair. This means that 25% of their puppies might always have black puppies no matter what because of inheriting the BB-gene combination. We have German Shorthaired Pointer puppies born Dec 21st!! 3 boys & 3 girls. The german shorthaired pointer is a versatile hunter an all purpose gun dog capable of high performance in field and water. They hope to launch more products in the future! They are bold, boisterous and very protective of their families. Dogs with solid red, orange, tan or lemon are disqualified per AKC standards. The length of the muzzle should be equal to the length of the skull. The german shorthaired pointer gsp is a medium to large sized breed of dog developed in the 19th century in germany for hunting. Maybe they’re changing color, or you’re wondering how much they’ll change. German Shorthaired Pointers, Weimaraner, Vizsla & Griffon. German Wirehaired Pointer Colors Did you know? A versatile hunting breed being an all purpose gun breed of dog suitable for both land and water she is streamlined yet powerful with strong legs that make her able to move rapidly and turn quickly. Females can stand between 21 and 23 inches tall and weigh between 45 and 60 pounds, while males can stand between 23 and 25 inches high and weight between 55 and 70 pounds. That is also the reason why black and other colors are not accepted by studbooks. Roan is dominant over white. The average lifespan for all three varieties is 9-14 years. Appearance. German Shorthaired Pointer Greenville, German Shorthaired pointer puppies. If black or any other color is present, it is most likely not a purebred German Shorthaired Pointer, and thus will be disqualified from studbooks and other breed registries such as the AKC.

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