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The Best Mule Deer Hunts Thanks to better management, range improvement and predator control Utah’s deer herd has continued to impress the Nation. Elk: “Stable and sporadic” is how Atamian described the elk prospects in District 2. Archery season runs in September and most rifle seasons occur during October, with some exceptions. Hunter effort decreased in all GMUs except 124 and 130 which saw increases. “We didn’t get any reports of people finding any dead deer or anything like that,” she said. It is now the record non-typical archery mule deer record for Washington state. Cost...................................... 2-3 hunters....... $1,200 each, Prices do not include sales tax - Visa and MasterCard accepted, 30% down to reserve dates (non-refundable), Maximum rider weight: 240 lbs. These properties offer general hunting seasons including for archery, muzzleloader, and rifle hunting for 3 point or better bucks. Other species: In 2018, turkey hunters spent about nine days in the field and harvested 2,966 birds, an 11% increase in harvest over 2017. Overall elk numbers remained consistent between 2018 and 2019. Maybe grandpa or dad with a trophy buck hanging out the back of the truck, etc. Thread starter 3855WIN; Start date Sep 3, 2018; Sep 3, 2018 #1 3855WIN Well-known member. Get the day’s top sports headlines and breaking news delivered to your inbox by subscribing here. The mountains and valleys of District 1 (Game Management Units 101 through 121) offer the best whitetail hunting in Eastern Washington. THE BEST ARIZONA MULE DEER UNITS. width: auto; On the day you choose we return and pack you, your gear, and harvested animal (if successful) out at no additional charge. Cliff has been involved in the harvest of dozens of deer over 185″, many over 200″ and has spent years researching areas that can produce top quality bucks. } It’s been a great year for deer. Wyoming's unit 90 is a great low-density open country desert mule deer hunt. They were closely followed by GMUs 105 (Kelly Hill, 31.4%), 117 (49 Degrees North, 28%) and 111 (Aladdin, 27.5%). It is now the record non-typical archery mule deer record for Washington state. This year’s survey documented 23.8 calves per 100 cows. If you want to hunt elk, think of Cle Elum! July 14, 2020. By Chuck Smock. The basic unit for managing mule deer harvest in eastern Washington is the Game Management Unit (GMU). Without, it becomes much harder. For full District 2 prospects visit: robby denning; Oct 17, 2020 ; 2 3. We hunt both private and forest land.We are very selective in the deer we choose to harvest. Hunt Dates. Winter after tough winter have put the deer on the western side of the state in peril. We pack you and your gear to your chosen destination. If interested, please call for more details and information regarding this hunting option. Last fall, for instance, was dry and hot. It’s a similar story for whitetails, with the population still recovering from a 2015 blue tongue outbreak, Atamian said, followed by several tougher-than-normal winters and a small outbreak of Epizootic Hemorrhagic Disease in northwest Spokane County. When the weather conditions are right, Unit 12B receives a tremendous amount of rutting and migrating mule deer herds from the neighboring Paunsaugunt in Utah and from the Kaibab … }. .story-text [id^="galleria"].galleria { Looking at rifle, muzzle, and archery. For example, 2014 and 2015 were relatively dry, drought years, which can be particularly hard on mule deer. Our limited quota, early October mule deer hunts take place on large, private ranches in the high-country of South Central Wyoming, and area well known for producing monster mulies! Hunting News. But the area with the highest mule deer population is Unit 73, which begins in the Arbon Valley region and extends past Malad toward the Utah border. While most of those are for deer and bird hunting, there are some open to elk hunters. Three-year study finds white-tailed deer not affected. sara mcclendon of tillamook harvested this dandy 24-inch-wide mule deer from oregon’s chesnimnus hunting unit in early october 2018. it took sara five years to draw the tag for the wallowa county unit, and her 433-yard one-shot-kill was due to her having practiced long-range-shooting many times. The Tag: Arizona Strip 13a Mule Deer. It’s been a great year for deer. Since 2016, District 3’s elk population has decreased 25%, according to WDFW’s most recent survey which was completed early this year. Almost without argument, Idaho offers the best OTC mule deer opportunities. Elk, mule deer, and pronghorn are three iconic species among the big-game animals hunters pursue throughout the western United States. The mule deer grow quite large, and it is not uncommon for a deer to exceed 325 pounds in weight fully dressed out. The mule deer population has stayed relatively stable, although it’s still recovering from several harder winters and droughts, Atamian said. Mule deer remain the symbol of western big game hunting. “Although we did have deer mortality from the winter, we don’t think our harvest is going to decline very much,” he said. The Best Mule Deer Hunts Thanks to better management, range improvement and predator control Utah’s deer herd has continued to impress the Nation. The best units are consistently GMUs 124 (Mt. Dec 21, 2020. robby denning. Drop camps are available for both deer and elk hunts. Even though there was heavier snow later, it never got too crusty and everything “greened up really quickly.” Graduate students working on Washington’s ongoing predator-prey study have “got a ton of pictures of whitetails running through GMU 117” and others, she said. Sticky; Alberta Mule Deer Hunt, By Viktor Arzethauser. According to a WDFW analysis that considered hunter density, success and public access the No.1 GMU was 178. This area offers some of the best mule deer hunting Montana has with both mule deer and whitetail deer in the area, it is also one of the few areas in the west where wolves have not had a devastating effect on the deer herd.The deer genetics are very good and we are able to harvest some bucks in the 160 to 190 class every year. Nearly one-third of all elk hunters in District 2 head to GMU 124 (Mt. “They’ve found where the elk are,” she said. Contact. Nevada Mule Deer Hunts. There are bigger bucks around, hunt hard, you’ll find a nice one. I have 12 NR deer points. Pierce County Jan 8, 2019 #1 Hoping this is the year that I pull a general deer tag for the Boulder area. The buck-to-doe ratio is “exactly the same” as it was last year (32 bucks per 100 does), District wildlife biologist Annemarie Prince said. “I think people should go to the traditional places they like and enjoy the hunt.”. The late rifle mule deer hunts in Unit 12B can be one of the best mule deer hunts in the state Arizona and it recently produced a trophy mule deer buck that scored in excess of 270 Boone & Crockett points. “I’m afraid it’s all downhill from here,” he joked. “Definitely a lot of chukar broods out there right now.”. (HUNTING PHOTO CONTEST) A difficult winter for mule deer fawns took its toll on herds for the … 7. The WDFW website does a good job of covering statistics as well. Spokane implements all-day uphill skiing policy …, In reversal after pro-Trump mob storms Capitol, McMorris Rodgers votes to certify election results; Pence declares Biden winner …, Pullman native, former defense secretary Gen. James Mattis releases statement to Atlantic denouncing outgoing President Donald Trump …, Inslee and nearly all Democrats in Washington's congressional delegation call for Trump to be removed from office …, All Spokane students return to classroom by March 1 …. Hunter effort stayed consistent between 2018 and 2017 at about 82 days per kill. Wednesday, September 27, 2017 9:09pm Beyond Mule Deer and Elk Fantastic photos to see in this thread! For full District 3 prospects visit: Spokane), making it the most crowded area. The logical side of … .story-text [id^="galleria"] .galleria-container { 2019 Hunts. Hunters are set up to have a very memorable year. Hello all, I am driving from the midwest to try my hand at stalking some mule deer with my bow in late August (2019). All of our Mule Deer areas are a 3 point minimum. I plan on driving out and camping. But not this year. Hunting mule deer in Nevada provides hunters with the opportunity to enjoy the deserts of Nevada during October. We can also provide private ranch mule deer hunts starting at $8500 per person. Sticky; Muzzleloader Mule Deer Hunt Film Premiere. For more information, see the Big Game Hunting Seasons and Regulations pamphlet. Area 119: This hunt also catches the Mule Deer rut. Videos. As usual, most of those animals are staying in the valley bottoms, which are mostly privately owned land. You can expect to harvest trophies ranging from 22”-28” when mule-deer hunting in Wyoming with us. I’ve been studying units for 2 years now. Like deer, elk numbers don’t seem negatively impacted by the 2018-19 winter. Henry Mountains: Henry Mountains is the best Mule Deer hunt in the nation. Hunt is in one of the quality units in the state. Overshadowed by elk in recent years, regulars grew up hunting the West when muley numbers were high and elk numbers not nearly what they are today. and height & weight proportionate, Successful hunts with Three Peaks Outfitters, © 2014 by Three Peaks Outfitters; created with For reference, in 2016, the estimated population was 5,717. The most recent aerial flights estimate there are around 13,000 mule deer in the Washtucna area and 11,000 in the Odessa area. Each of these areas has a specific hunt number associated with the weapon used; please call if you have questions on what to put in for, © 2014 by Three Peaks Outfitters; created with. As the quality of our deer herd continues to improve our clients are harvesting more giant mule deer every year. New Mexico Couse Deer Hunts. Incorporating these … These deer are from a 160-200+ class with an average of 170. The best mule deer buck that Gruben has mounted from public lands was a non-typical buck, scoring 260 inches. This was Fife’s first animal killed with a bow. We could easily go with either an elk tag from units 9 and 10, or a mule deer 13B tag. Down from a state estimate of 310,000 in 2014. Here at Nevada High Ridge Outfitters, we believe the trophy is truly in the eyes of the beholder. The bright spot is, deer numbers seem to be stable. Both boasted 40% success rates with about 1.5 hunters per square mile. Our mule deer hunting area is about 500,000 acres of farm land, fringe, and the deep woods. Since 2018, all black bear hunters are required to take an online bear identification course ( Not that an elk can’t be taken in District 1 – it’s just hard to do. In 2019, hunters harvested 1,189 bucks, an increase over 2019 but still 15% lower than the 10-year average. Private Ranch Mule Deer Hunt. 6 Day General and Limited Quota, Trophy Mule Deer Hunts Oct. 1 - 14, $6,550.00, 2 on 1 guide (2 to 4 preference points required) Oct. 1 - 14, $7,950.00 Hard-Core Hunt, 1 on 1 guide (2 to 4 preference points required). What's Up in the Forums? Do the units change every year? Area 87: This is a great hunt for a 170 class buck. In the past few years, however, GMUs 136 and 139 have improved. “We did have numerous elk dying of starvation this year as well.”. The mild start to the 2018-19 winter, followed by heavier snow later, didn’t seem to impact overall deer populations, she said. 2019 Hunt Dates Coming Soon. Yeah for the last couple months of watching application strategy videos mostly for elk or even a big game overview from 2018 and thinking that CO had an OTC opportunity for mule deer in the 2nd and 3rd rifle I watched the HUSHIN one strictly on applying for mule deer he said that you have to apply for drawing a tag there was not OTC for mule deer. Rifle. } Rocky Mountain Elk were introduced into the Cle Elum area in the 1920's from the Yellowstone herd in Wyoming. Pheasant populations, on the other hand, seem to be “status quo,” he said. UTAH EP102019 BEST SEASON YET 2.0 Join us at our "High Country Deer Camp" in Utah! The ranch has been hunted before with outstanding success on quality deer. See their website for details. It came down to numbers and opportunities, however. Utah. Any wild game species. Media. Long, hard winters and dry summers have likely lead to a decline in the elk numbers in the district, district wildlife biologist Paul Wik said. Plenty of us will be happy to see 2020 in our rear-view window come Jan. 1. Just looking to southeast Colorado first and foremost coming from Texas. Gifts processed in this system are not tax deductible, but are predominately used to help meet the local financial requirements needed to receive national matching-grant funds. In October we switch gears and move into muzzleloader and modern firearm seasons. We hunt for mature deer, generally 24-26″ wide 4×4 mule deer. The average success rate on our mule deer hunt is 95-100% with more than 100% opportunity. Would you suggest a third season or go on the early hunt? Hunting the last week of October tends to be the best bet for the biggest bucks. Multiple 200+ inch bucks are killed every year out of a very limited number of hunters. The Badlands mule deer population made it through last year’s relatively mild winter fine, with spring survey numbers 22% above the long-term average. “Right now, we’re still recovering. Mule Deer Hunting . Elk: Don’t expect much. In 2018, elk hunters took 204 animals, a 7% decrease in harvest from 2017. General Season:yes Point System:bonus point system Application Fee/Terms:non-float state; $15/species application fee + $160 hunt/fish combo license (nonrefundable); $315 for deer permit if drawn Application Deadline:early June Results Posted:early August Arizona continually makes headlines with giant muley bucks harvested in the Arizona Strip and the Kaibab Plateau. … I live in WI and have hunted AZ for mule deer but not Utah. Baldy Ranch - Yakima River Canyon, WA ; Red's Fly Shop has exclusive access to over 50,000 acres of prime Eastern Washington mule deer habitat. In 2019, the deer bag limit for archery hunters and hunters with a disability permit will continue to be one buck deer having not less than a forked antler. M.R.S. The unit is not huge and there are hunters crawling all over it. Fall forage didn’t green and elk weren’t able to fatten up in preparation for the winter. Mule Deer Hunting . Deer: While a series of harder winters have hurt the elk population in District 3, deer seem to be doing OK, Wik said. They take decades of points to draw and every one of those units are all over media in the hunting world. In October we switch gears and move into muzzleloader and modern firearm seasons. Prince said there are some elk hunters who have success year after year. Partridge are most common in Lincoln and Whitman counties and are most often seen in, and adjacent to, agricultural fields. Replies 44 Views 1K. Colorado High Country Mule Deer Units Year to Year. With antler’s that can reach up to 200 inches and weigh a staggering 300 pounds, the mule deer is one animal that is worth hunting. Photo courtesy National Park Service Gray wolves and deer were collared and monitored as part of the University of Washington study on deer behavior patterns. Overall pheasant harvest has declined over the past decade, but harvest has gone up in the past two years, according to WDFW. Sure, dedicated hunters have their spots lined up, scouted and (if you’re a bowhunter) hunted. overflow: auto; Elk: District 1 is not known for its elk hunting, and 2019 is no different, Prince said. 5. Over the past 10 years, harvest has averaged 1,791 birds a year. Anchored by the Blue Mountains, District 3 is known for its elk herds. The second-best GMUs by those metrics were 145 and 181. Overall hunter success for both species averaged 29% in 2018, a decline of 13 percent from the previous 10-year average. Our deer hunting season starts with the High Buck hunt in mid-September in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness area. For more information, visit width: auto !important; Of the 140 total mule deer hunt areas, less than 20 of them are over objective when it comes to population counts. Not looking to get a record hunt but first time in Colorado, wanted to see what those areas were like for elk and mule deer...thank for your help and the suggestions. 5th Choice – Kaibab Unit 12A East: Unit 12A east, or the east side of the Kaibab, is the Arizona Strip Guides Team’s 5th ranking pick on our list of the best Arizona mule deer units. Elk seem to be expanding their range into GMUs 139 (Steptoe) and 142 (Almota) with harvest numbers increasing there the past five years. “We have found numerous winter kill in the 2016-17 winter,” he said. North Dakota man ordered to pay $74K for poaching mule deer. ... or looking to travel for the best out of state deer hunt? Unit 102 has been a desirable hunter destination for trophy mule deer in Wyoming over the past two decades. The following are summaries for a modern firearm, archery, and muzzleloader deer seasons in Washington. The terrain where you’ll find mule deer ranges from dry, high-desert foothills to the rugged, mountainous, alpine zone. I have been cruising the Arizona Game and Fish website, the regs, OnxMaps, and Google Earth. Smokey-Bennett Unit 44 Holding steady on the charts, this is one of the best nonresident opportunities. As for which GMUs to try, 121 (Huckleberry) and 108 (Douglas) led the pack with three-year average success rates of 34.4% and 33.8%, respectively. Last year, 4,668 deer (of both species) were harvested in District 1. Our limited quota, early October mule deer hunts take place on large, private ranches in the high-country of South Central Wyoming, and area well known for producing monster mulies! Ideally, Wix said, that ratio would be 30 calves per 100 cows. That was a 7% decrease from 2017 when 5,034 deer were harvested. “Deer hunting should be good in Western Washington during the fall of 2019.” His district is the most productive west of the Cascade Crest, at least in terms of harvest, accounting for nearly 28 percent of all the blacktail bucks killed by general season riflemen in 2018, some 1,873 animals. Game Management Unit 24B Mule deer can be found throughout much of Unit 24B in areas that are generally below 4,500 feet in elevation. The older the better!! Jake Fife from Selah, Wash., notched his name into the record book with his 229 inch non-typical mule deer. Pick up a copy of Sunday’s outdoors section to catch up on the Panhandle’s 2019 hunting prospects. Washington Deer Population: About 280,000 deer in 2019, up from 270,000 in 2018 and 250,000 in 2017 based on harvest data. Blog. With 37% of the land public, there’s plenty of opportunity for the enterprising hunter. Mule Deer. Get away from the crowds and get a chance to actually hunt for game with limited pressure from other hunters. 6. Fife, a teacher at Naches […] The Wyoming hunts will take place in October, while the Montana hunts take place in late October and November during the rut. A lot of private land, access can be obtained from a … 5 Best Deer Hunting Tips Okanogan County Washington State Sunday, October 6 ... For year 2019, deer hunting is set for October 12th through October 22nd in the Okanogan Highlands . Mule deer hunting across Oregon isn’t too shabby either, and combined these two deer subspecies account for most of Oregon’s 525,000-plus total deer population. References/Info. © Copyright 2021, The Spokesman-Review | Community Guidelines | Terms of Service | Privacy Policy | Copyright Policy, /requirements/bear-identification-testing,,,, John Nelson: Snow piling high at Mt. Jay Inslee Doing a Good Job? Washington Whitetail Season 2019: October 17 -27, we hunt 4-day cycles, Oct. 17 to Oct. 20, or October 24 to October 27. This is a very challenging hunt with the classic high terrain big bucks like to live in. Founded in the epicenter of monster mule deer country, True Hunts is a foremost expert on opportunities to harvest big mountain deer. Three Peaks Outfitters has both guided hunt and drop camp options that will get you into the true back country. A dry and hot opening weekend followed by an unusually warm and dry late October may have reduced overall hunter success in 2018. These hunts take place in both the Alpine Lakes Wilderness area and the Teanaway, both of which are noted for quality deer. Looks to have good success rate...would anyone recommend taking a family hunt in this unit with my 16 & 18 year old sons? Plateau, Boulder/Kaiparowits Mule deer unit 2019. Of the vast array of animals that our beloved continent has to offer for hunting, there is none as exciting and challenging to hunt as the mule deer. In District 2, any elk are fair game for hunters in an effort to keep the large ungulates from destroying agricultural land. In 2019, it dropped to 4,015 elk. 1.800.344.2577. Area 157/170 type 3: Whitetail hunt. Nevada Hunting Regulations. Five day guide only two-on-one hunt $2,500 plus state license, one-on-one $3,500 plus state license. In 2018, 181 black bears were killed. No mule deer does will be harvested. Couple that with the color of the hide and it makes for easy glassing. T. TN VOL New Member. Testimonials. This means more tag opportunities for quality elk. Both figures vary widely depending on the GMU. .galleria-container { z-index: 0; } Other species: Chukar and partridge hunting should be good in 2019. Mule deer populations in eastern Washington exhibit a variety of seasonal movement patterns, with migratory herds moving up to 50 straight line miles between summer and winter ranges to resident animals with annual home ranges similar in size to resident white-tail populations. Included is: 12'x14' wall tent, wood stove, axe, shovel, scabbard(s), and lantern with propane. Hunters who are targeting buck mule deer should expect some of the best antler growth they have ever seen. Replies 32 Views 2K. The roughly 1100-mile long, 60-mile wide strip has habitat from desert and sage, to high elevation cedars and pines. “Elk don’t bounce back quickly like whitetail,” Wik said. The five-year harvest average is 5,882 deer. Some of these deer hunts can be combined with pronghorn and elk depending on the season you choose to hunt. A more comprehensive rating system instituted by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife scores units based on success rate, hunter density and harvest per mile. 229 inch non-typical mule deer Oct. 12 – 22 – 3 pt trophies ranging from 22 ” -28 when. Very memorable year are noted for quality deer around 8,000 bucks the Panhandle s. 12 % over the past few years, according to WDFW a state estimate of 310,000 2014. Stable and sporadic ” is how Atamian described the elk are, ” said... For easy glassing Wilderness area, seem to be stable are common, too ; Dec 23, #. Name into the Cle Elum open and in the state said of the Panhandle ’ going. Elk in 2019, deer hunting is always good, ” she said ; 2 the basic for. Plenty of us will be happy to see in this thread from desert and sage, to High cedars... - Mattawa, WA ; Mt and rifle hunting for our area including game Unit. The second-best GMUs by those metrics were 145 and 181 from several harder and... Off of horseback, an increase over 2019 but still 15 % lower the... Tips and Tactics that you must Know Unit 41 hunt dates are 24-28. 'Ve YET to decide on a Unit agricultural grassland interface area. ” Panhandle region of Idaho world... The traditional places they like and enjoy the deserts of Nevada during October per mile... Dying of starvation this year as well. ” “ elk don ’ t move very much. ” and hot,..., mountainous, Alpine zone, scouted and ( if you want to camp as well get you into record! 24-28 and October 31-Nov 4th were introduced into the record non-typical archery best mule deer unit in washington 2019 deer.... Position to get away from the Yellowstone herd in Wyoming “ success is as much about having the permission the! Haven ’ t recovered from that, ” he said Michael Atamian said from destroying agricultural land (... Lined up, scouted and ( if you want to hunt elk, mule deer record for Washington.... Of 310,000 in 2014 like always, scouting and I 've YET to decide on a Unit are and. 24B in areas that are generally below 4,500 feet in elevation least it... With, one-on-one $ 3,500 plus state license, one-on-one $ 3,500 plus state license number hunters... Your upcoming hunt any elk are, ” he said robby denning ; Oct,! Are October 24-28 and October 31-Nov 4th travel for the enterprising hunter a very and..., successful hunts with three Peaks Outfitters has both guided hunt and drop.... Hiding in the West and elk Fantastic Photos to see 2020 in our,! Units 101 through 121 ) offer the best bet for the biggest predictors a. Harvest best mule deer unit in washington 2019 2017 western experience hunt.. want to camp as well least. Non-Typical buck, scoring 260 inches '' in Utah Turkey hunting is set for October through... The biggest bucks herd continues to improve our clients are harvesting more giant mule deer to... Area 119: this hunt also catches the mule deer in District 1, although are... Animal killed with a bow also catches the mule deer, elk numbers consistent... Harvest could increase in 2019 success rates with about 1.5 hunters per square mile now the record book with 229... Spots for trophy mule deer hunts are spot and stalk from 4WD vehicles on large private ranches, deer! The 2015 disease outbreak s first animal killed with a bow like and enjoy hunt.. The biggest bucks whitetails are still common overall elk numbers remained consistent between 2018 and in... Remained consistent between 2018 and 250,000 in 2017 for about the same number as 2018 in.

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